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We teach companies to leverage technology to improve the bottom line and mitigate risk.

IT Services

Our IT Services Include:


It Services cyber essentials

Staying up to date with business compliance sometimes seems like a full-time job in itself. For the latest on GDPR or Cyber Essentials, it helps to know an expert.

At MAPTEC IT we can help by producing a comprehensive plan and implementing systems to ensure that your business is fully compliant. That’s another weight off your shoulders.

Click here for more on our IT security services.

Remote Teams

It Services remote teams

It’s become vital to equip your team to work from anywhere on the planet. The recent surge in home-working has transformed the way many offices operate, a trend which looks set to continue. What does the future look like for your staff?

Ask us about the latest technology that helps you to make flexible working a real opportunity. MAPTEC IT provides remote support to ensure that your entire team stays connected.

Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365, is available in a package starting from £3.30 - £4.90 per user/month.


It Services consultancy

If you don’t need an ongoing support plan, but an expert opinion on your IT setup, just give us a call.

MAPTEC IT has been advising businesses large and small for years and our lead consultant Asif will probably be able to recommend something you’ve never thought about.

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes.

For the simplest IT questions – or a full IT strategy – you can call on us.


It Services cloud computing

For almost any business, using cloud services makes so much sense.

Use it for your data: you no longer need the enormous, dusty hardware to store eons of customer records.

Using a cloud for data storage is simple and secure.

Use it for your network: not only do you benefit from better, more current technology, but your staff can access their files from anywhere in the world.

Use it for your resources: software like Microsoft365 is stored in the cloud, freeing your devices to run more smoothly.

If you aren’t already harnessing the power of cloud computing, give us a call to get a bespoke monthly price.


It Services VoIP

If you want super-flexible video conferencing, VoIP is the ideal solution.

Each user gets a number which can be synchronised with Outlook and used anywhere in the world.

Ask for details about a package that includes free landline and mobile minutes (from £13/month/user).


It Services IT Networking

Are you connected? A well-oiled network will support your teams by making their working practice faster and more efficient.

Think you know networking already? Wait until we show you the latest developments.

Ask us to recommend a plan for your office, or to come in and set everyone up. We offer both consultancy and installation.

If you want to be sure everything keeps running day-to-day, we have a plan for that too.


It Services Repairs

Faulty devices can wreak havoc in a business, especially when there’s a deadline to be met...

Don’t panic.

It’s our job to fix or replace the device or software that’s causing you grief.

Just call the helpline and your IT support will be on the case within the hour. Our small team is professional, reliable, and gets the job done.

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