Relocating Your Business

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Relocation Service

Relocating Your Business

IT Relocation

IT Relocation - person moving boxes of IT equipment

Moving your IT equipment is a big job, but we can support you all the way. We work with moving partners to provide you with relocation services – ensuring that all your equipment is carefully and thoughtfully moved.

Before the big move, planning is essential. MAPTEC IT will visit your premises to catalogue your inventory – this helps us to ensure that every cable is returned to the right socket in your new offices.

We will supervise the removal of your IT equipment and we’ll be at the destination to make sure everything is checked as it’s unpacked.

Then we will plug in, configure the new connections, and check the safety of your network so you can get back to normal quickly.

Post Move IT Support

Post Move IT Support

If there are any hiccups during the first weeks or months, our IT support is available for your whole team.

You can pay as you go during this time, or try one of our IT packages, which includes unlimited remote support as well as on-site visits.

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