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IT Recycling

Responsible recycling 

Where do old computers go to die? You probably already know it’s no joke. Recycling your devices and equipment must be done properly (batteries especially need careful disposal) and securely (to ensure they’re cleaned of all sensitive information).

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In the UK we throw away a million tonnes of electronic waste which is enough to fill Wembley 6 times over!

MAPTEC IT works with Environment Agency-registered We Recycle Your IT, so that you can hand over your devices and equipment without a worry.

GDPR compliance

It’s GDPR again. Data lifecycle management includes careful consideration of the way your IT assets are disposed. Ask us to help you produce a full data lifecycle management (DLM) plan, which will include the collection, analysis, and disposal of your customer data.

When you recycle your hardware with MAPTEC IT’s sister company, you will receive a certificate for data protection purposes.


MAPTEC IT works with We Recycle Your IT, which is registered with the Environment Agency and complies with the UK’s WEEE regulations 2013. WRYIT carries out hard disk data wipe and repurposes equipment wherever possible.


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