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PC Problem Solving

PC Problem Solving


  • If the Computer/Laptop is not accessing email or data of the server.

Please restart the PC first and log on to the PC and try again. (If they like email setup details send them Outlook user guide, this will only concern service contract users)

  • If the computer is on but the screen does not come on when you press on keyboard or mouse.

Please hold the power button for 20 seconds.

  • If computer still does not reboot or it does not go into Windows, switch off computer from the mains. If you are unsure then do not try this.
  • If you can not log on to the PC or you can not access Internet, email or network data.

Then firstly check that the telephone/Ethernet cable is plug in properly in the back of you PC.

If the network is working, Internet and E-mail is not working for more then 5 users then switch off for 2 mins and restart Internet Modem (Draytek, Watchguard) if you do not know wait for engineer advice.

If Wireless is not working the make sure Wireless Access Point. The device with 1 or 2 aerials is switch off for 2-3 minutes only do this if you have try restarting and is effecting more then 3 users.

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