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IT Procurement

There’s software for that. 

Considering some new video conferencing hardware, invoicing software, or training programmes? Every business has different requirements, and choosing the right technology can make all the difference to your working day.

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Shopping Cart Image You don't need to waste money, Maptec can help you to procure the right thing first time.  Don't spend to much, don't spend too little.

Network setup

Perhaps you’re ready to set up a network for your growing team. You can ask us to produce a comprehensive plan, and even install the equipment to enable your team to collaborate. Want better options for remote workers, or a compact system to fit into the available physical space? We’ll discuss all your needs and come up with a custom solution – allowing your team to get on with the work.

MAPTEC IT can provide a consultation or full installation.

Custom systems

It’s our job to know all about the existing solutions available to business and stay updated on brand new ones. Improving efficiency, reducing mistakes, and enhancing flexibility – all within our remit, and all can make an enormous difference to your working week.

Whether you need a custom Customer Management system, or an invoicing programme that handles your billing, give us a call. We can help you develop an IT plan for now, and a wish list for the future, to make sure that your IT budget is well invested.

Cloud computing

Pick and mix your cloud services to create a bespoke plan – with not a penny wasted. Every business is unique; yours may not need as much storage as the next, even though there are more users.

The best thing about our service plans is that you decide what you need. We can help to assess your requirements and adapt as you grow. You’ll never pay over the odds for the solutions that you need – and we hope you’ll agree that’s good value for money.

Excellent service guaranteed, read our reviews.