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Imagine a world where your IT system runs smoothly, 7 days a week.

MAPTEC is here to make it happen.

Your company depends on IT systems which work, day in, day out.

So what happens when they stop?  

Before that happens, call MAPTEC.  We’ll take responsibility for your IT systems – we’re like an in-house team, but way more proficient.

Does your current IT team get it done?

MAPTEC takes a proactive approach. 

We don’t wait for the emergency call.  Every quarter we’ll be there to run health-checks on your systems.  

When you need help, we won’t babble in jargon, or tell you to do it yourself.  Our team is helpful and realistic.

If your systems are slow or they’re causing problems, we’ll diagnose and resolve them. 

If you want protection from hackers, we’ll provide monitoring (and a backup plan). 

If you want to discuss new systems, we’re always available for advice. 

In fact, we provide a complete IT support service – on demand, on time, and on budget. 

If we don’t, you can fire us.  (And you should.)

How’s that for a deal?

Many companies have no time to plan or maintain their IT infrastructure.

Even more companies are at risk of having their operations completely shut down by hackers or ransomware.

Outsource these concerns to MAPTEC.  Your systems will be secure and operative, but... why stop there?  

Let us ensure that your IT systems actively support your business day-to-day.

So you can be confident that every penny spent on IT produces value for your business.

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Have you been let down by IT support teams?  You can expect more from MAPTEC: 


  • Phone advice during office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm).
  • Don’t use the phone? Use our ticket desk for a quick response – always within 24 hours, usually within 2.
  • Plain English: we give advice in layman’s terms.
  • Quarterly on-site support visits, making sure systems and anti-virus are up-to-date.
  • Emergency support and disaster recovery, limiting down-time to keep your business running.


  • Use of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • A centralised infrastructure, with backup for your business folders and files.
  • IT Consultancy – ensuring your systems give a return on investment.
  • IT Procurement – helping you to choose the RIGHT technology for your needs.


  • IT recycling – we’ll remove your old hardware and data-wipe it.
  • Advice on IT policies and security issues (like GDPR).
  • Support to follow best practices such as Microsoft, ICO, and Cyber Essentials.
  • USecure – Monthly training updates for your staff, so that they can use your IT effectively and efficiently.
  • Software maintenance and security updates.

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