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Letsignit is the market’s leading email signature manager to easily create, allocate and manage signatures and banners in Office 365 & Google accounts all from a centralized interface. Letsignit turns emails into a strong and cost-effective communication tool.

  • Brand harmonisation with signatures
    Increase brand visibility by respecting your guidelines to maintain consistency on every platform.
  • Communication boost with campaigns
    Emails become a new marketing tool & a low-cost acquisition channel.
  • Simplicity through an intuitive tool
    Easy to deploy & easy to manage.
  • Performance statistics
    A number of clicks by signature or campaign, click-through rate by signature or campaign, set a time span for your reports, global vision or detail by the user.

"It is a tool that is both simple and powerful for standardising employee email signatures and allows the signature to be treated as a new medium. It can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel. All this integrated into Office 365."

Carole Benichou Director of the Microsoft Office 365 division Microsoft


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Is Poor Patch Management What Is Causing A Gap In Your Business IT Security?

In business one of the most important things, to consider is the strength of your IT security. Unlike personal security, business IT security keeps critical systems, staff, and consumer information safe from attacks and leaks. There are always upgrades rolling out to combat the constant barrage of attacks, but if your business patch management in your IT department is not properly applied, your whole company may be at risk.

What Is A DDOS Attack And How Can It Hinder Your Business?

A lot of things have changed in the business world since the onset of the pandemic. While many companies learned how to be more flexible, these changes also brought with them added security risks. ISP’s have seen more traffic than ever over the past two years which has given rise to even more criminals and hackers than ever before. They have taken to attacking service providers, businesses, and even governments with impunity. With DDoS attacks on the rise, it is important to know what they are and how you can protect your business from them going forward.

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