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3 powerful tips to leverage within your email signature

Many small businesses are missing a trick when it comes to their email signature.

This article will detail three tips that can help you leverage the space in your email signature to help drive more business and a consistent message to your clients.

As a bonus, I will also detail the steps necessary to manage email signatures across all of your employees and team members with the click of a button.

First, though, we have to address the elephant in the room, and that's that most (including myself) ignore our email signatures.

When was the last time you replied to an email from your mobile device, and the default "sent from iPhone" or similar was stamped at the bottom of the email?

Yes, that was me until I found out about cloud-managed email signatures.

Before the tech, let's explain some of the business benefits of managing email signatures in the cloud:

This document outlines the steps required to migrate your business to the cloud.

Please note that not all IT providers have the same methodology, so some of the details here may conflict with the viewpoint of your current IT provider.

As ever we suggest, when you are thinking of moving any of your business, IT infrastructure or applications to the cloud, you should seek third party advice from companies such as ourselves.  That is why we put this guide together in the first place.


The global pandemic has seen the adoption of cloud-based services such as SaaS, increase at unprecedented rates. And It’s here to stay.
This increasing adoption of cloud brings with it, a serious headache for Managed Services Providers. Quite often, they are not even aware of its presence.
These “invisible services” are referred to as “SHADOW IT” and it is generally 10 times more prevalent than businesses are aware of.
To put it simply Shadow IT is the purchasing and use on a business network, of hardware and software that has not been approved by IT.
The most common culprit is SaaS (Software as a Service), or cloud based services.
Recognised business tools such as Trello, Grammarly, Slack, WebEx, Zoom, Google Docs etc. are all prime examples. But hardware like personal PCs, Laptops, tablets, mobiles and even USB hard drives are all potentially Shadow IT.
And if it hasn’t been approved by IT, the security risks can be very serious indeed.
Yet there are also several benefits to Shadow IT.


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