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MAPTEC IT Case Study on A Matter of Security Limited.


AMOS – A Matter of Security

VPN - Virtual Private Network


To start off we have great relationships with our clients. Over the past couple of years both MDs Asif Patel “MAPTEC IT” and Jamie Reynolds of “A Matter of Security” have a lot of the same values and characteristics. Passion to deliver great service, provide the best products for their clients. Driven to grow personally and in business. MAPTEC IT is honoured that A MATTER OF SECURITY has given the privilege to protect their data and systems. As A MATTER OF SECURITY Slogan says Because your security matters. This is paramount in what we provide AMOS. MAPTEC I.T., take it personally that we created solutions, adaption, and growth in provided redundancy, security, support, and backup. So the uptime of that systems is at maximum. If the worst happens there is a Business disaster plan in place, continuous improvement, and education to AMOS.

So, in A MATTER OF SECURITY, we had initial 1-2-1 MD to MD talk about goals each other businesses. Understand our common goals, what we wanted out of life and business. Asif then reviewed at the time current pain points when it came to AMOS is IT Systems.

The next stage was to provide a free I.T. Audit onsite and provide a summary report of what MAPTEC IT can do to make AMOS the next stage of their IT and Technology growth. However, at the same time provide and resolve pain points, become more mobile and more productive.

AMOS was using an old version of Microsoft Exchange 2010 provided by their website company. However, its apparent in our experience Website developer’s specialism is a website, marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation. It is not I.T. and Cloud Consultancy, this is what our specialism is. So, it was a process gathering data from I.T. Audit reviewing how many emails accounts AMOS required. How many distribution groups, Shared Mailboxes, and email aliases? The previous systems had forwarders which slower processes and outdated.

We went further onboard them migrating them away from Dropbox Business and take the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive Business. We introduce Microsoft MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication. Stronger passwords, to add layers of security. Jamie adamant about taking advantage of Microsoft's powerful tools and services can provide. This enabling his staff to work on excel and word files in real-time together. This what we feel was one of the game-changers. The other reason AMOS requires a better system as the previous email system unreliable and no support or waiting for 3-4 weeks for a response. Jamie has said many times Asif available at end of a phone. So is his team at MAPTEC IT.

MAPTEC IT, provide value for all budgets, we provide AMOS with 2 Windows 10 PCs with dual monitors another way increasing productivity and ease of use for staff. MAPTEC IT, made sure the computers have the good processing power and utilised (Solid-State Drives) to increase the speed of the computers. Other, staff has Apple MacBooks we made sure these systems have Bitdefender we found hundreds of dormant viruses in their emails. We remove and provide the necessary maintenance to Apple Operating Systems. With Bitdefender, we monitor all devices, locked the systems from unwanted applications and malware.

MAPTEC IT, making sure email signature had all the hyperlinks added to the Microsoft Outlook. All computers were encrypted and had complex passwords added.

As time has passed, AMOS had issues with the poor Internet connection at their previous office we solve this by providing a business-level router with 4G capability. It has better security than what the Internet Providers provided which is entry-level £50 router good enough. In our humble opinion, not business leading or use for high performance and security. The business routers we provide can connect to 4 to 8 Internet Connections, a built-in Firewall, VPN, load balance multiple internet connection and Wireless features. So, when AMOS move offices it was simply changing the sim card to a better network for their new location and now, they have speeds of 75 Mbps Download and 30 Mbps Upload. We recommended future proof with a second Fibre broadband and its capabilities with 4G/5G dongle of a second sim card Internet connection also available to them.

Like A Matter of Security, we strive to become better. We accredited as Microsoft Silver Partners and Datto Silver Partner. We will be Microsoft Gold Partners in the future. We provide Microsoft 365 Exchange services, MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive, MS Teams, and MS 365 Office Suite always the latest version. Microsoft also provided other products and services, again it something we will educate all our clients to maximise the use of as services available to them.

Finally, we added an additional 1-year backup and beyond. Microsoft and Google provide limited retention data for 30 days as a default this is not a backup its retention can be corrupted. What happens if you find out 3 months or later those important files are missing, we can recover from Datto or Acronis solutions. AMOS knows we always there to provide professional advice and will still be there with their future growth. AMOS has and continues to recommend us to their friends, family, clients, and suppliers. Recently as recommending to Architectural Hub Limited and their MD Malcolm Clark who already praising MAPTEC IT for taking their IT and Cloud systems to next level. By enabling them to access data from more the one computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone practical any device.

In conclusion, we a big thank you to “A Matter of Security” for believing and trusting MAPTEC IT with their IT and Cloud Systems. Because their security matters also, in a world with Cybercriminals.

Excellent service guaranteed, read our reviews.