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Illegal copies of software and operating systems could mean you miss out on the latest critical security updates, leading to vulnerable gaps in your defences against hackers and Ransomware. Programmers of illegal software can sometimes leave vital virus restriction code out of the software to hack into your system at later date and steal your private information i.e. bank, personal details. Private family photographs or other sensitive information could be stolen and then used against you. Viruses known as Keyloggers may be installed and could run in the background without your knowledge. These Keyloggers store your keyboard keystrokes, which could contain your passwords and personal details, then transfer them to a hacker.


For business, there are free options i.e. of operating systems such as Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Linux Fedora and for office applications Open Office and Libre Office or even Google Apps i.e. Google Docs which are legal and work as well Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. However, if you do not utilise the free option or purchase legitimate licenses you could be liable for prosecution.

As a business, using an unlicensed copy of the Microsoft Office or Windows could end up costing you more with the added cost of IT support and implementation of new software. The downtime of your company operations as a result of having to re-install legal operating systems could cost thousands and cost your business its credibility.


When you buy legal copies of applications and operating systems, you buy assurance in the same way you buy a car and home insurance to protect you in the event of a disaster.

The employees hired by Microsoft, Apple, Sage, Adobe are paid with the money you spend on buying a legal copy of an operating system or desktop applications. They help bring better applications, support, and well configured operating systems to you.

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