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#1 Business & Employee Identity

There are some basics your email signature should have no matter what device you send from.  These include:

Your Direct Dial (Cell/Mobile Number)

Your Full Name

Title within the business

Social Media Links to your business pages

These four items are crucial, but I believe the 1st on the list (your direct dial) is probably the most important.

When was the last time you tried to get hold of someone on the phone but only had their email?  An easy win here for your and your contacts.  Include your direct dial our of courtesy.

#2 Marketing Promotions & Awards

Your marketing department will love you for this one. Still, the email signature space is an ideal opportunity to help promote current marketing campaigns or annual awards your business may have received.

As an added benefit, if you choose the right email signature management software, it will track how many clicks your contacts make on your promotional material. 

#3 Manage across all devices

Managing email signatures across all of your devices and employees can easily be accomplished with this right software. 

In the IT business, we tend to use a system called active directory. Part of a businesses server infrastructure, also included within cloud solutions like Office 365.

The directory is the location where job titles, telephone numbers and contact details for all users within an organisation are usually stored.

Cloud-managed email signature software taps into this directory, allowing for a one-click integration between the directory and stamping all emails sent from any device linked to your business.

The beauty of this system is that there is no need to manually set up every employee's phone, laptop, tablet etc.  All the information is managed in the cloud, and the system is deployed with one click.

If you want further information about how your business can take advantage of email signature management software, get in touch with us.


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