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We teach companies to leverage technology to improve the bottom line and mitigate risk.

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Our Experience

Maptec IT is an experienced, low overhead IT firm with a unique approach to providing tier one technology products and services to enterprise and small to medium sized clients. Our clients receive quality IT related offerings at fractions of the cost through the utilisation of "best in breed" worldwide resources to accomplish Information Technology related tasks. This approach leverages the strengths of many companies to bring everything to you under one roof at a much lower cost which leads to improved profits. Ask us about:

  • General IT Strategies

  • Cloud-based computing

  • End-to-end integration

  • Storage Area Networking

  • Networks and systems security


Meet our founder Asif Patel

Do you remember your first computer? Mine was a second-hand Mitsubishi Apricot intel 486 which ran 25 MHz, 4 MB RAM and 125 MB hard disk, Windows 3.1. It does not sound like much compared to computers nowadays, but it was still infinitely more powerful than the computers that put the man on the moon. Yet I still spent a lot of time modifying it so I could play a better game of Doom. This led to helping family and friends, and before I knew it I was having a cup of tea with my dad, and he was advising me to strongly think about working in IT instead of becoming an accountant!

Asif Patel, CEO Maptec IT

Meet The Rest of The Maptec Team

Maptec IT monitor your IT systems remotely and so you receive prompt support, reducing downtime and keeping your business running smoothly


Martin is a dedicated and experienced IT support
professional with a passion for helping businesses overcome their technology
challenges. With his confident and conversational approach, Martin is known for putting even the most tech-anxious clients at ease while solving their IT issues.


Having seen firsthand the impact of poor IT connections on productivity, communication, and data security, Martin understands the importance of a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. He's committed to ensuring your business stays up and running, minimising downtime, and keeping
your employees connected and efficient.


Martin has developed a keen eye for spotting potential security risks, safeguarding your sensitive data, and maintaining the trust of
your clients. His focus on customer satisfaction means that he's always ready to provide the support you need, whether it's resolving a network issue or walking you through a new software installation.


With a strong background in troubleshooting and an ever-growing knowledge of the latest IT solutions, Martin is the perfect addition to your team, helping your business thrive in the digital age. Reach out to us today for all your IT support needs and discover how Martin can make
technology work seamlessly for your organisation.


Nilofar is a passionate and knowledgeable IT support specialist with a unique expertise in cloud computing. Her confident and conversational style allows her to connect with clients, helping them navigate the complex world of technology with ease and assurance.

With extensive experience in the IT industry, Nilofar understands the importance of a stable and secure IT infrastructure in driving business success. She is committed to ensuring your systems run smoothly, maximizing uptime, and empowering your employees to work efficiently and collaboratively.

As a cloud computing expert, Nilofar brings an added layer of technical know-how to her IT support services. Her proficiency in implementing and managing cloud-based solutions not only enhances your business's data security but also allows for increased flexibility and scalability. This enables your organization to adapt and grow with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Nilofar's dedication to customer satisfaction means she's always prepared to offer personalised support, whether it's resolving a network issue, assisting with a software update, or optimizing your cloud infrastructure. Her ability to identify and mitigate potential security risks ensures your sensitive data remains protected, earning the trust of your clients and stakeholders.

With a strong background in troubleshooting, coupled with her expertise in cloud computing, Nilofar is the perfect addition to your team, helping your business thrive in the digital age. Reach out to us today for all your IT support and cloud computing needs, and experience firsthand how we can make technology work seamlessly for your organisation


Asad, a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 3 years of experience fortifying digital landscapes. He has been at the forefront of safeguarding businesses from evolving cyber threats. Asad's expertise spans threat detection, risk assessment, and crafting robust security strategies. Whether it's devising ironclad defences or conducting vulnerability assessments, he thrives on ensuring digital resilience. Navigating the cybersecurity terrain together is Asad's commitment. He is dedicated to empowering businesses with proactive solutions. Connect with MapTec IT to fortify your digital assets and stay ahead of the security curve.”

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WHY Maptec IT?

Computers are essential to businesses these days. It’s the home to email; your powerful communication tool, your calendar/diary, your address book, all your connections, your conversations. And if you do not store this data on your machine, you use it to access your content from the cloud. We do so much with them from invoicing to creating the services that our businesses sell.

So, you can imagine how horrific it is when you’re without a computer. Everything grinds to a halt for two weeks. Can your business still thrive if you were without your computer for 2 weeks? You’re probably thinking you can still get through it just using your phone. This feeling lasts until you actually try to run your business using your phone.

Take a moment to think about how much your business relies on IT.

Could you send an invoice to a customer without a computer? Of course, you can, but how long will it take you to do it? Your productivity plummets, and this has a negative impact on your bottom line.

Every IT problem is a drain on your time, resources, and productivity. When you think about it, your entire day can be running around solving IT problems, problems that in many cases could be prevented.

The thing is, IT “issues” can happen at any time, and they do not care that you have a deadline to meet or an important presentation to prepare for.

The first time it happens in your business, your customer will be forgiving. The second time it happens, and they start to think you don’t have systems in place in your business, and they’d be right. Customers tend not to stick around for IT problems to get in the way a third time.

This is where MAPTEC IT comes into your business. You’ll book a call with one of our consultants, and they’ll ask you questions about your business, your systems and how things are set up.

It’s a friendly, and professional call and at the end of it, we will share with you ways you can protect your business and your reputation. Most people find that when they book MAPTEC IT, they feel safe, reassured, and have complete peace of mind that if something goes wrong with their IT, that they do not have to swear at it, they can MAPTEC IT.

It’s not just IT system audits. We help businesses relocating by moving their IT systems for them. Every plug, every cable, every line is moved from your existing location to your new location.

Most people find that when they hand over their IT problems to MAPTEC IT, they can really focus on their business growth instead of fire-fighting problems. 0208 075 1400


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Every company needs support, connectivity, and security. However, the specific needs of your company are unique to you. Send us a message, and we can help you find the IT support services that best fit your needs.

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